About Us

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B & B Music & Video, located in Cleveland Ohio, has been in the coin-operated entertainment business since 1957. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and service has been the foundation for our continued success.

We operate ATM’s, coin-operated jukeboxes, video games, pool tables and countertop games, along with a variety of other coin-operated amusement. Based on over 50 yrs. experience, we know the commitment necessary to stay abreast of cash flow, collections and commission payments.

We always strive to change with the times by providing the newest and most advanced equipment available. We research & provide the highest quality of equipment for stability, endurance and customer satisfaction dedicated to you. We learn about the needs of each location and find the most conducive product to accommodate your needs.

Once you join into a partnership with B & B Music & Video, you will find our service and equipment 100% satisfactory, meeting your needs as well as the needs of your customer. We are committed to bringing you the best possible service available. B & B Music & Video brings experienced staff and a personal touch when handling all of your questions.