ATM Programs & Processing

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•Full Service ATM Placement    (WE OWN / WE LOAD)

We purchase and install the machine and replenish the cash as needed. We manage everything and pay you a month commission check based on transaction count. No financial commitment on your part and this is a turn-key operation. Other incentives apply if transactions are at a high volume.

•ATM Partnership    (WE OWN / YOU LOAD)

This program is designed for customers who want to supply their own cash. We will purchase the ATM machine and you load the money. While you may earn more money, please remember you will also incur expenses that can prove to be cash and labor intensive.

•Merchant Provided    (YOU OWN / YOU LOAD)

This program is similar to the ATM Partnership Program (above) but you are purchasing the atm machine and loading the machine with your cash. Servicing, processing and next day funding are available and will be provided if you purchase the atm machine from us.

For a free & personal consultation on you current ATM program, please call 216-432-5700 and ask for Greg @ ext. 105 or Jordan @ ext. 111.